Already upon entering the Auditorium, spectators will find an audience divided into two parts by a black cloth separating the entrance and rows of seats. On the right side they will find men to sit, on the left side women, in a clear reference to the subtle daily violence suffered by inhabitants of Islamic-ruled nations, to bring Italian viewers – even if briefly – into the atmosphere of another social context.

The spectators, will be called to an adjoining room to observe and participate in a performance that will involve them. They will thus be able to observe a transfigured environment like a temporary clinic, where, in the background, behind an opalescent plastic sheet, lies, on top of a hospital bed, a person: the artist herself lying under white sheets that cover her face and body. At the height of her mouth comes out a metal tube connected to a monitor on the side.

Viewers will be able to see (from the video) images featuring the inside of an esophagus. “To symbolize the police willingness to violate the deepest intimacies,” says the artist.
Each viewer will see these images and in a short time, will be able to vote Yes or No to the person’s acceptance, through a symbolic prepared form.