The History of art in a video-game format.

The leading character, the one the player must identify with in order to get through the game, is Marcel Duchamp. In the prologue Duchamp appears against the backdrop of a reddish cosmos, in a double reflected version, male and female (recalling Duchamp’s female identity, the Rrose Sélavy created in New York in 1920, under which the artist signed various works). But death comes to kidnap the upper part of our double protagonist, and to plummet the lower part to Earth. As in the Platonic myth of the Convite, the unity of the androgyne is broken, and the fallen Marcel (or Rose) will have to overcome trials inside a museum before he can be reunited with his own half and renew the universe in a cosmic conflagration. Inside the museum the paintings and sculpture (there is only one, Michelangelo’s David) come alive, and threaten the hero/heroine.

Co-creator & co-director: Fariba Ferdosi & Lorenzo Pizzanelli

Watch the entire series HERE.